Who are we?

1988Franzbogen was founded by Franz Kachler as a specialized shop for bowhunting sports
1989 Amongst other goods, animal prints are sold as targets
1990First 3-D targets, back then still with a flat backside, are imported and sold
1991Due to the long transport routes from the USA first test runs in producing own animal targets start. Franzbogen produces Targets with remarkable quality with purchased molds. The filling material is a modified product from a different industry.
1992Foundation of Franzbogen GmbH as a manufacturer of 3D targets for the bowhunting sport. The founding members are the managing directors Franz Kachler and Bernhard Müller. The first Franzbogen 3D animal targets are produced and distributed.
1995After successful use cases at friendly clubs, tournaments, and championships the core competence 3-D bowhunting targets is being established.
1996Alle Geschäftsbereiche liegen in eigener Verantwortung. Von der Auswahl der Modelle über den Formenbau von Beschaffung der Rohmaterialien und Halbzeuge bis in die Produktion, Lackierung zum Versand/Vertrieb.
1997Franzbogen develops their own product together with a vendor for chemicals. The modified product that has been used so far, is now replaced by a foam especially developed for Franzbogen and the use in the bowhunting sports. This quality standards lasts until today.
1998One of the first milestones of Franzbogen: T-500 standing Ibex. It is the first 5 pieces, Group 1 target with own design and mold construction.
1999Franzbogen moves out of the garage and into an own production site
2000 A success series is born: the Franzbogen Wild Boars. One after the other the Boar, Wild Sow and Wild Boar Piglet enter the market. As a novity the whole product line is very detailed, has excellent surface structure, 4 legs and is therefore unparalleled by the competitors in its kind.
2002 The existing Whithail-Deer family is growing. The Fallow Deer, male and female Roe Deer are developed.
2004 Another expansion of the production capacity is needed. The new production site including paint shop, mold construction and storage has 200 sqm with extendable capacity.
2008Mold design and production is from now on exclusively in-house.
2010The T-580 Red Deer, one of the largest 3-D targets produced and distributed in Europe enters the market. Fit, connection, size and details are outstanding. Franzbogen sets new market standards with a plug-in system and moves into yet another production site of 400 sqm. This means more storage capabilities – purchase orders can now be picked and shipped directly.
2011New Franzbogen targets enter the market, the first exotics. Goanna, Crocodile and Alligator from the saurian animal kingdom set new standards in execution and detail.
2013Another new era. Franzbogen produces fantasy targets for Max and Moritz Gesswein. Under the company name MM CRAFTS the brothers develop and design own fantasy animals from the animal kingdom of dragons and demons with outstanding success. MM CRAFTS chooses Franzbogen as an exclusive vendor, mostly because of their quality standard.
2014Franzbogen expands their collaboration with the DFBV (german field archery club) and is now delivering targets for all the national championships.
2016 Franzbogen develops the sitting and the standing Panther.
2016Franzbogen develops a premium material especially for targets used in commercial, permanent parkours and training environments, offering multiplied durability at a moderate price enhancement.
2016At the EBHC (European Bowhunting Championships) in 2016 at Saalbach-Hinterglemm (Austria), Franzbogen receives the official accreditation of the IFAA (International Field Archery Association) after an extended durability test of their targets.
2017Franzbogen celebrates their “25 years” anniversary together with official representatives of the municipality and unions, employees, family, friends, customers, and vendors in brand-new production halls.
2018Franzbogen is selected as the exclusive outfitter of the EBHC (European Bowhunting Championships) in Oberwiesenthal (Germany) amongst several competitors and delivers all 3-D targets for the one-week European championship.